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Updated: Mar 24, 2020

We mentioned Sunday we need to train to handle the Trials and Temptations of life. As Patton said “You fight like you Train”. So we need to start our training today.  Here are some suggestions for Training your Functional Faith.  One Consider it joy when you run into Trials because it is going to make you stronger. So sit back a moment and ask what is my present Trial teaching me and how can this make me stronger?  Two Increase your Faith in God and ask for Wisdom. Study God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit, learn more about them, write down your favorite verses and the promises in particular. Read Proverbs the book of wisdom and study other wise sayings of the Bible.  Three Trust God and Trust God exercise your faith and you may just have to sit back and go into a neutral mode until God shows you the next move.  This is the beginning of you basic training. We will talk about temptation in our next post.

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