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God Loves Me Dearly

Updated: Mar 24, 2020

As I was singing, "God Loves Me Dearly" in church this morning, I began to weep. You see, I weep every single

time I sing that wonderful hymn. I have been walking with the Lord now around 30 years, seeing His blessings

in all circumstances. The Lord has blessed me with an absolute passion for His Word, and to go along with

that, Theology Proper, or the Doctrines of God. I want to know who He is and His character, as much as a

sinful creature can understand Deity anyway. If there is one single thing He has taught me it is that there is not

one single solitary good thing in me. He continues to show me just how sinful I am and how woefully short I fall

to His standard. BUT GOD (my two favorite words in Scripture!) had/has mercy on me! Why? I have no idea,

except that He loves me. Obviously, He doesn’t love me for who I am but despite who I am. How arrogant we

are to think anything else! How arrogant we are when we actually believe that somehow God needs us, in any

way, shape, or form. As a culture, our absolute blasphemous view of our own value is nauseating to me. We

truly have no clue of who God is, and what holiness means, and the rebellion of sin within us!

That is why I admire Luther so very much. While I don't agree with all of His doctrinal positions, nobody knew

any better than Luther just how sinful and unworthy they were of God's standard. That is the reason that once

He read that storied verse of Habakkuk in the book of Romans and the Lord opened His mind and heart to the

doctrine of Justification by grace alone through faith alone, He said that it didn't matter if it was Popes or

Councils that He would negotiate this doctrine with no man! I get that! I admire that, and I pray to God that if I

were in the same position that the Lord would strengthen me to stand as He did. Luther knew it was not his

strength, but God's. My prayer is that if you don't know that, "God loves You Dearly" that He would open your

mind and heart to that fact today!

1 God loves me dearly,

Grants me salvation,

God loves me dearly,

Loves even me.


Therefore I'll say again:

God loves me dearly,

God loves me dearly,

Loves even me.

2 I was in slav'ry,

Sin, death, and darkness;

God';s love was working

To make me free. [Refrain]

3 He sent forth Jesus,

My dear Redeemer,

He sent forth Jesus

And set me free. [Refrain]

4 Jesus, my Savior,

Himself did offer;

Jesus, my Savior,

Paid all I owed. [Refrain]

5 Now I will praise You,

O love Eternal; 

Now I will praise You

All my life long. [Refrain]

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